Sunday, November 3, 2013

Stop-Motion Character Animation

This stop- motion character animation assignment was a fun experience that involved many hours of work, but resulted with a rewarding payoff. Hunter Welker, Chris Helfrich, and Jenn Long worked together on this assignment to create "Love at First Bite."This nine hour animation journey began by using about an hour and a half for creating this story. An hour  also was spent for planning this animation by doing the following: creating the characters, staging the characters within their enviornment, and acting out how each movement would fit into the  story. After all the preproduction work was completed, six and half hours were spent animating each scene, editing, and providing the film's music and credits.

Hunter Welker, Chris Helfrich, and Jenn Long all worked simultaniously throughout this assignment. The animation and pre production work was all done collaboratively and the work was divided evenly from start to finish. Helfrich created the story. Welker and Helfrich then made each snail character by using the clay that Long provided. Hunter animated the green snail, Long animated the red snail, and Helfrich animated the death of each snail. Throughout each part of the animation Welker, Helfrich, and Long all worked together for posing each character, fixing each error that occurred with the clay, holding down objects to prevent unnecessary movement, and revising each character movement.  Although the clay would often break, and the cracker and characters would often move at inappropriate times, having three people work on this project helped reduce and prevent error.This process of working collaboratively worked well, and allowed this animation to be done efficiently.

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