Friday, August 23, 2013

Mini Portfolio

My name is Christopher Helfrich and I am an Animation/Illustration student.  Some of my hobbies include drawing, bike riding, and playing basketball. I have taken Ani 12, Ani 24, Ani 28,  Ani 50, Ani 112 A , Ani 112B, Ani 113A, Ani 113B, Ani 51 A, Ani 51 B,  and Ani 129B. The science experience I have at San Jose State University has been  from  taking the class The Introductory to Biology.  I am currently taking Ani 130 A, RTVF 111, RTVF 110, and The Physics of Animation. I am also a DRC student who often uses the DRC accommodations at San Jose State University  to take exams. When I finish school I want to work in either the film or game industry as a story artist. I am looking forward to learning about the Physics of Animation. This will be a fun semester.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013